The Case For A One Term Presidency -

list of political term limits wikipedia - this is a list of term limits for heads of state heads of government and other notable public office holders by country, bush v gore wikipedia - bush v gore 531 u s 98 2000 was a decision of the united states supreme court that settled a recount dispute in florida s 2000 presidential election the ruling was issued on december 12 2000 on december 9 the court had preliminarily halted the florida recount that was occurring eight days earlier the court unanimously decided the closely related case of bush v, air force one the aircraft of the modern u s presidency - the presidential plane wasn t always known as air force one the first potential presidential plane was a transport version of the four engine b 24 liberator heavy bomber specially modified for fdr and named guess where ii later presidential aircraft included the dixie clipper and sacred cow fdr independence truman columbine ii and iii eisenhower followed by air force one, donald trump s doctor came down with a case of trumpitis - trump will be the healthiest individual ever elected to the presidency apparently, the term scot free does not come from the dred scott v - the dred scott v sandford case has since given rise to the false etymology that it had something to do with this supreme court ruling on whether dred scot and his family should be free or not, the case against trump encounter broadsides kevin d - the case against trump encounter broadsides kevin d williamson on amazon com free shipping on qualifying offers donald trump who rocketed to the top of the polls in the early gop primary race is an unlikely republican front runner a longtime supporter of democratic politicians with a history of taking views opposed to those of mainstream conservatives, president clinton impeached history - in november 1995 clinton began an affair with monica lewinsky a 21 year old unpaid intern over the course of a year and a half the president and lewinsky had nearly a dozen sexual encounters in, republicans had it in for obama before day 1 the - i have long told president obama s most ardent supporters to read charles krauthammer he s a guaranteed angry read but if you set aside his rhetorical rage and focus on the substance, filibustering with william walker - william walker the greatest of american filibusters was another visionary adventurer imbued with the desire of founding a colony in mexico near the american border, donald trump s first year a conservative success story - illustration roman genn the case for the trump presidency a s president trump finished his first full year in office he could look back at an impressive record of achievement of a kind rarely, presidential job approval center news gallup com - presidential job approval is a simple yet powerful measure of the public s view of the u s president s job performance at a particular point in time donald trump s job approval ratings are updated on a weekly basis and approval ratings by subgroups are updated on a monthly basis approval