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amazon com x men years of future past 9780785198949 - x men years of future past years of future past 2015 and millions of other books are available for amazon kindle learn more enter your mobile number or email address below and we ll send you a link to download the free kindle app, x men years of future past by marvel comics paperback - x men years of future past by marvel comics with revolution in the wind the x men are not a broken team with nothing left to lose but a desperate family with more at risk than ever before book by marvel comics marvel book max ride final flight spider man firsts, magneto may have spent a year in extermination future cbr - of course the significance of this particular future is marvel comics has featured it in post credits scenes to tease the upcoming x men event extermination the extermination epilogues have taken place twenty years in a future where the x men have been systematically slaughtered by the mutant hunting sentinels with it all tying back to the, x men comic books marvel database - see also see the x men comic books category for a complete list see x men for all the variations of the subject on the site see x men for the main version of the subject, x men days of future past ebay - x men days of future past bronze age superhero comics are a good answer to revitalize any comic book collection they are both fun for kids and intriguing comic collectors are attracted by the history and unique quality of these x men days of future past bronze age superhero comics, comic books in x men mycomicshop com - about us we ve been selling comics since 1961 our first sale fantastic four 1 at 0 25 see one of our first ads and on the web since 1996 read a little about our history, the 10 best x men villains for the mcu comicbook com - even if magneto isn t the leading antagonist in the first x men film it would be useful to reintroduce him to both define the team and establish future conflicts for both the x men and mcu, comic books in x men mycomicshop com - whether you ve read the earliest x men comics from the silver age or never miss a big screen release these are the 100 things all x men fans need to know and do in their lifetime 75 years of marvel from the golden age to the silver john buscema marie severin and countless others with essays by comics historian and former marvel, days of future past wikipedia - days of future past is a storyline in the marvel comics comic book the uncanny x men issues 141 142 published in 1981 it deals with a dystopian future in which mutants are incarcerated in internment camps, x men comics marvel com - feared and hated by humans because they re different the x men are heroic mutants individuals born with special powers who ve sworn to use their gifts to protect mutants as well as humans, x men movie star s disappearance puts future projects into - besides acting she is a singer and model and as seen in x men as well as the chinese version of iron man 3 the sense was that she had the potential to be a huge global star, x men comic books for sale buy old x men comic books at - x men comic books in the entire history of comic books no single title has launched more spin off comics than the original x men series the popularity of the characters have spawned titles such as x force x factor new mutants generation x and on and on, x men days of future past what s the difference - we ve got the marvel cinematic universe s upcoming take on civil war next year and x men days of future past was very much based on a 2 issue arc in uncanny x men from 1981 but boy oh boy, amazon com customer reviews x men years of future past - like many other secret wars tie ins years of future past tries to do the impossible revisit a classic story in 4 issues while also tying into the year s mega crossover and showing alternate versions of dozens of x characters plus a couple new ones